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Welcome to the "How To" page of
Wrights Lights

From this page I will provide some of the "How To" information that I have written over the years concerning animated lighting. I hope that this information is of some benefit to you. Some of the information may be a little out of date (or OBE, overcome by events). However, even the older information may be of some benefit. Enjoy.

1. To find out How To convert your HD videos to an HD file format using Adobe Premiere Elements 7, that can be excepted and properly converted by Vimeo, click here.

2. How To make mulit-wire cables for LOR controllers. This greatly reduces the number of power wires running around your yard. It also helps reduce the possibility of electrical problems due to water/weather.

3. How To make a LED Matrix Sign (for use with the LED Triks Controller). This information may be out of date.

4. How To make a LED Tricks Controller.

5. How To build Frank's LED Mini Flood Lights.

6. How To Make RGB Dripping Icicles.