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The Reason For The Season
Some Reflections

The Meaning of Christmas
by Rev. Ryan Kapple (December, 2013)

   Admit it, you’ve given some terrible gifts.  No doubt you’ve also received some questionable gifts, e.g., fruit cake and that ugly sweater (Now they’re en vogue)  It’s no surprise God is the ultimate gift giver.  Genesis reveals how God created all the gifts in the world, from the stars we gaze upon, to the majestic mountains, to the breathtaking sunsets over gorgeous beaches, to the crown jewel of presents, you and me.  

   For Christmas however, God gave us something no one expected...It was the greatest gift he could give us...HImself.  

   The God who formed the heavens and knew you before you were born was now a little baby.  It may seem odd that God’s rescue plan for a world in need was a baby.  

   But God’s answer to the world’s problems has never been material things.  Instead of giving more stuff  He gave us Himself.  God entered into the very situation He wants to heal.  

   God gave us His presents, His presence.  God showed up in our neighborhood so we could know who the eternal God is...and what He’s really like.  God now had a face and a voice and walked among us.  

   The miracle of Christmas in a nutshell is this...God showed up as a baby in a manger in Bethlehem, fully God and fully human to redeem us, restore us and give us resurrection after death, so that death is not a period, but a comma.  

   God bless and Merry Christmas